It was the first warm day of Spring 2009.  Sitting on the front porch with his adult son, Morgan by his side, Robert H. Boatman's last words before his long-laboring heart finally gave out were, "What a nice breeze."  He lived life honestly and died an old warrior's honest death.

     Robert H. Boatman, my father, is the author of five best-selling firearms books, Living With Glocks, Living With The Big Fifty, Living With The 1911, Living With The AR-15, and (with me) How To Customize Your Glock.

     My father was instrumental in the startup of the NRA’s America’s 1st Freedom and wrote shooting and hunting feature stories for Sports Afield, Petersen’s Rifle Shooter, The Accurate Rifle, Precision Shooting, American Handgunner and AH’s Tactical Annual, S.W.A.T., Pistols & Revolvers, Concealed Carry, NRA’s Woman’s Outlook , Very High Power, Law and Order, and South Africa’s Big Bore Journal. He also wrote in-depth martial arts features for Blackbelt magazine and Kung-Fu Tai Chi magazine, and a comprehensive cover story on President George W. Bush for Newsmax.

     He had been a newspaper Managing Editor, magazine Editor-in-Chief, Communications Director for a U.S. Congressman, and advertising agency Creative Director.  He had an extensive background in firearms training, undercover law enforcement and armed VIP protection as well as international-level competitive shooting with both handguns and rifles.  My father was a lifelong hunter, Life Member of the National Rifle Association, member of Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club, and Charter Voting Member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA).

     He will be missed by many because he made a difference in so many lives.

Thanks, and call your father tonight if you can.

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     My father's article "The Constitutional Right and Social Obligation to Carry a Gun" in Living with Glocks inspired Tim Schmidt to found the United States Concealed Carry Association.  Read Tim's heartfelt story here: